Website Security

Protect your website from hackers, malware, and cyber-attacks.
Because there are so many websites on the internet today, cyber-attacks are also increasing and becoming more sophisticated, making all websites vulnerable to attacks and security breaches. You must have security measures in place as a business to protect your website from these threats.

It is now much easier to secure your website than it was previously. SLK's comprehensive web security solutions provide advanced security measures to safeguard your brand's reputation and customer information against cyber threats. We also provide a variety of performance and reliability optimization services to help your brand.








Website Security Services

Website Firewall Installation and Configuration

Our website security services includes a firewall that constantly scans and protects your website from malware, hacking, and attacks. To keep your website safe, our web application firewall resolves all threats instantly and performs the following:

  • Protects your website from unauthorized access
  • Removes malware
  • Keeps your website safe from future attacks
  • IP blocking and bot blocking

Regular Updates

To ensure the integrity of your website, we review our website security systems regularly for potential security flaws or system vulnerabilities, and we immediately update our customers' websites.

Regular backups

You've put in enough time and money to build your company. Protect your company by backing up your website against the effects of any compromise, such as a cyber attack, server crash, data loss, internal error, and so on, using our dependable website backup system, which performs regular automatic backups on your website.

Traffic Monitoring

With our traffic monitoring system, you can get a picture of your brand's website traffic and improve security by deploying various website monitors on your website, which allows you to oversee your website users and gives you control over user access to sensitive information, among other things.





SSL Support

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is a security protocol that establishes a secure, encrypted connection between a website and a web server. It is required, particularly if you collect user data. Our skilled team of technical experts will handle all of your SSL requirements, from SSL purchase to SSL installation and maintenance.


Improve your website's performance by using the appropriate Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN service uses dynamic and static content delivery to improve the response time of your website, as well as caching and other optimization tools to reduce bandwidth consumption for the benefit of the business.

DNS Configuration

DNS is essential for managing any company with an online presence. Our DNS service allows you to manage your website's IP address, MX records, and name servers, as well as receive notifications if there are any issues.






Email Authentication Protocols

Web and email hosting can be compromised if not properly secured. When this occurs, confidential business information contained in the email may be exposed to cyber criminals who may use your domain email for phishing. Protect the information and integrity of your brand with our email authentication and DNS security solutions, which include:

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • BIMI


Already have a domain name and require hosting? IMAP/POP Hosting account with the ability to add multiple email accounts with IMAP and POP configurations. SSL/TLS connection to email is required to ensure the most secure connection.

Local GTA Servers and support

Host your website and email locally in Toronto with our local GTA servers, which are available to facilitate all of your business communications and maintain your brand's online presence. Our team of technical experts also provides technical support for all of your technical issues.