Email Hosting

Getting your brand online begins with a domain and web hosting. However, another critical aspect is business communications. Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, both formally and informally, and while free email services such as Yahoo and Google are great for personal use, they are not ideal for business or branding. A business should use a custom email address that is based on its brand name. A custom email address allows for easy inter- and intra-business communication while also giving your brand a professional appearance to users and customers. You will, however, require email hosting to accomplish this. Email hosting is a service that allows you to set up and manage your email account on a server provided by an email hosting provider.

SLK is a web and email hosting service provider in Toronto that offers hosting and management services to help your team communicate and connect more effectively. Whether you're a small group or a major company, we have the best email solutions to help your brand make the best impression and ensure that you get great value for your money.








Email Management Solutions

With SLK email hosting, you get more than just a server to host your emails; you also get other email management solutions and tools that help with business emails, ensure secure email authentication, and boost the professionalism of your brand. Among these solutions are the following:

Microsoft 365 Reseller Email Hosting

With Microsoft 365 email servers, you can keep your business running while migrating critical applications and data to the cloud. The Microsoft 365 cloud improves your business operations and communication by increasing scalability, accessibility, and, most importantly, security. Our plan also includes a Microsoft 365 Email setup and management feature, which gives you complete control over your brand's email.

DNS Configuration

DNS management is critical for the proper operation of your website and communication system. It is a broad field that, if handled correctly and with secure hosting, will assist you in managing user domains. You can take control of DNS management with our DNS configuration feature.





Email Authentication

One drawback of the internet is that it is accessible to anyone, including hackers and cyber thieves. As a result, there will always be threats to your email's security. These threats may not be as serious for a private email as they are for a business with sensitive information and details stored in the email and integrity to protect in front of its customers. SLK offers security services to protect your business and customers from spamming and phishing attacks in addition to SSL-encrypted secure email sending. Among our email authentication services are the following:
• DMARC Setup
• DKIM Setup
• SPF Setup


Already have a domain name and require hosting? IMAP/POP Hosting account with the ability to add multiple email accounts with IMAP and POP configurations. SSL/TLS connection to email is required to ensure the most secure connection.

Local GTA Servers and support

Host your website and email locally in Toronto with our local GTA servers, which are available to facilitate all of your business communications and maintain your brand's online presence. Our team of technical experts also provides technical support for all of your technical issues.