Website Development

Do you need a new website, or are you looking to revamp an existing one? Do you require a small business e-commerce website? Bring your passion alive with our comprehensive range of web development services for a variety of industries. Whatever your industry, we have the perfect web development solution for you.
In today's digital world, having a web presence is a no-brainer for any business or brand. The chance to reach billions of people who use the internet every day and are only a click away from becoming potential customers is too good to pass up. A well-rounded, user-friendly website with the proper structure and elements will better represent your brand's products and services while also attracting visitors and prompting them to become customers.

At SLK, we use cutting-edge technologies to provide high-quality web development services that ensure your brand has a distinct online presence. Our developers have a wide range of technical skills and are well-versed in a variety of coding languages and open-source platforms. Our team is up to date on the latest tools and techniques, with expertise in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PHP, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, MYSQL, SEO, and testing, debugging and analytical skills.






Website Development Services

Custom Website Development
Our knowledgeable team of website developers and designers is ready to help you bring your custom design to life, whether you're looking to run a startup, an enterprise, or a niche website. We will design and develop a custom website that is flexible, scalable and engages your audience using our extensive pool of custom web development services.

CMS Website Development
If you want to run an e-commerce store or a website where you'll need to make regular updates without having any technical knowledge, our content management system development services can help. With proficiency in various CMS such as WordPress and Joomla, our developers will provide web development services such as:

  • Custom Joomla website development
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Custom Magento website development

Responsive website development
What is a website that does not work on all platforms? SLK understands that just as there are prospective customers on an iPhone, there are also on an Android, tablet, and computer. This is why we create responsive and interactive websites that are appropriate for all users and work across all platforms, allowing you to connect with your clients without limitations.




Website Development Process

Understanding the Client's Needs
First, you share your visions with us; we take the time to understand and analyze them, and we collaborate with you to make the necessary plans.

Website Design and Development
Our web designers will create mock-ups and wireframes for the proposed website, which you will review and adjust as needed. After completion, this design will be sent to our developers, who will code it and carry out the necessary development process.

Website Testing
We take pride in providing high-quality services. Following the development, we test the website to ensure that it meets your specifications, is bug-free, and is responsive.

When your website is approved, it is deployed on your server, and your brand is live on the internet.